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Experience the Spirit of Peaks Island

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About Our Tours...

Our tours are designed to help you gain an understanding and appreciation of Peaks Island's rich and unique past as a fishing village, bustling summer resort and an important military base. The tour includes historic sites, photo opportunities and a stop Peaks Island's own Stonehenge.

Spirit of Peaks Tour
  • Peaks Island has had many faces throughout its history- fishing village, bustling summer resort and strategic World War II base are just a few. During your 75 minute tour, we will encounter the Spirit of Peaks Island by discovering the unique perspectives of island life, leisure activities and picturesque cottages. Your journey back in time begins at the Founder's Monument where you'll learn about Peaks Island's Pioneer Families. As you ride in the comfort of an electric golf cart though the Forest City, Trefethen-Evergreen, Backshore, and Southside neighborhoods, your guide will describe how each neighborhood grew and prospered. You'll see interesting homes, unique shops, unparalleled ocean views, and World War II forts. Maybe even a deer or beaver.  

  • Specialty Golf Cart Tours
    Upon request we offer unique tours in addition to our Spirit of Peaks Tour.

  • Back To Your Roots Tour (For Peaks Island Natives)
  • Specially designed for former islanders who want to re-visit their island haunts and share their memories of Peaks Island.

    Specialty Walking Tours for Groups of Ten or More
    Stroll through the past with the Peaks Island Historian.

  • Coney Island of Maine Walking Tour

    Between 1880 and 1920 Peaks Island was one of the most popular and well-known summer resorts in the United States. So popular that it rivaled New York’s Coney Island, albeit on a smaller scale. This tour takes visitors back in time as they stroll through the “downfront” area of the island with a knowledgeable guide who describes the many hotels, theatres and amusements enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of summertime revelers.

  • WW II Military Trail Walking Tour

    During World War II Peaks Island was home to the largest and most important military base in Casco Bay. Most of the military buildings burned in a fire in 1957 but the concrete bunkers and towers remain, a testament to a dark period in our nation’s past. Your guide leads you through the “reservation” area, pointing our sights of interest and interpreting how the war and the presence of some 800 soldiers changed the island.

  • Call today (207-766-5514) to schedule your very own unique Peaks Island adventure!